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  • Jan Garbett Ends Campaign For Utah Governor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—May 4, 2020, Salt Lake City, UT—Republican gubernatorial candidate Jan Garbett has withdrawn her appeal to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. This action effectively ends her 2020 campaign for Governor of Utah.

    “This is certainly not the outcome we worked so hard for.” Garbett said, “I am disappointed that the courts did not make Utah’s election process fair in the face of the pandemic, as so many other states have done. And of course I’m disappointed on a personal level as well—I feel I have a great deal to offer the people of this state on a great many issues. But most of all, I’m disappointed that the people of Utah are once again being denied the opportunity to have a real choice in the Governor’s race.”

    Garbett continued, “We’ve learned from this experience just how hard it is for a political outsider candidate to get on the ballot in the State of Utah: it’s nearly impossible, and it’s designed to be that way. I am a person of significant but not unlimited resources, and I simply couldn’t fight the Governor, the Legislature, and the Courts all at the same time. I don’t think a person with fewer resources could ever have a chance.”

    “But I am not going away! Even though my campaign was cut short by COVID-19, I got the chance to hear from Utahns about what matters to them. And those issues are too important to ignore. Going forward, I will continue my fight for the people of Utah in a different way. I will be joining forces with the non-profit group People4Utah to find ways to ease the burdens on political outsiders and moderate candidates of all parties. Our political leaders will be hearing from me!”

    “It’s a travesty that no major political party in all of Utah history has ever had a female candidate for governor on their primary ballot,” said Dr. Joe Jarvis, Garbett’s Lt. Governor running mate. “I’m deeply disappointed that this shameful record will continue for another year. Jan would’ve made an excellent governor.”

    Speaking together, Jan and Joe said, “We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us over the course of this journey. If you donated, signed our petition, or even sent us an encouraging message online, thank you so very much! We’d also like to thank our talented team for their excellent work. We’ll be looking to them in the future to help us continue the good fight to make a difference for all the people of Utah.”

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Daniel Friend, Press Secretary


  • Utah Governor Candidate Jan Garbett Files Appeal of Ruling on Signature Gathering During Coronavirus

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—May 1, 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah—Republican gubernatorial candidate Jan Garbett has filed an appeal of Judge Shelby’s ruling to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today.

    “We are appealing because Judge Shelby’s remedy didn’t fix the unconstitutional burden he identified in Utah’s signature laws during coronavirus,” said Jan Garbett. “Judge Shelby required our campaign to collect roughly 70% of the normal requirement—which in the best of times is already one of the most difficult standards in the country. Every other court in the United States that has dealt with this issue has lowered the number of signatures required in light of COVID-19 by far greater percentages. One state lowered this to 10% of normal, and no other state went above 50%. And remember, these are states where my signature total would already qualify me to be on the ballot.”

    “We believe that the court’s requirement that we collect over 19,000 signatures created an impossible burden and predetermined she could not be on the ballot,” explained Dr. Joe Jarvis, Jan’s Lieutenant Governor candidate. “No other gubernatorial campaign gathered that many valid signatures in that time frame, so it’s no surprise that we weren’t able to either. A remedy that gives no realistic chance of success is no remedy at all.”

    Other gubernatorial candidates are beginning to agree. Jeff Burningham recently filed his own lawsuitagainst the State of Utah, asking for a similarly lower signature threshold, and former Governor Jon Huntsman recently tweeted his opinion that Burningham should be included on the primary ballot because the signature threshold is too high. By either of these standards, Jan Garbett should be included on the Republican primary ballot as well. These statements prove that Jan’s lawsuit is not merely about furthering her campaign, but about ensuring the right to ballot access for all candidates, current and future, against the entrenched interests of Utah’s political establishment. 

    If this appeal is successful, Jan Garbett will be the first female Republican candidate for Utah Governor to ever appear on the state’s primary ballot.

    For media inquiries, please contact: 

    Daniel Friend, Press Secretary


  • Side Effects of Hydroxychloriquine Are Too Risky for COVID-19 Patients

    By Dr. Joe Jarvis

    Dr. Joe Jarvis candidate for Utah Lieutenant Governor

    Utahns who were paying close attention to the news the past few days witnessed firsthand how dangerous it is for our State Government to take its cues from the current occupant of the White House.  

    Throughout the current pandemic, President Trump has been ceaselessly promoting the use of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. He’s done this despite repeated warnings from doctors and other medical experts that we didn’t know enough about how this drug interacted with COVID-19 patients to say that it was safe, let alone that it helped.  

    But Trump has many listeners in Utah’s government—ones who are willing to follow his inexpert advice. This past Tuesday, Utah Senate President Stuart Adams (R-Layton) announced his support of a legislative appropriation to purchase 200,000 patients’ worth of this drug by saying:  

    Through a public-private partnership, Utah acted early to secure doses of hydroxychloroquine, which the FDA has approved to treat patients with COVID-19. This medication has been used safely for over 70 years to treat patients with diseases such as lupus, malaria, and rheumatoid arthritis. More and more studies are showing positive outcomes when COVID-19 patients are treated with hydroxychloroquine.”  

     Senator Adams is simply wrong. The FDA has not approved the use for hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. In fact, today the FDA issued this statement:  

    “Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine can cause abnormal heart rhythms such as QT interval prolongation and a dangerously rapid heart rate called ventricular tachycardia. We will continue to investigate risks associated with the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for COVID-19 and communicate publicly when we have more information.”  

    These are serious heart problems that can lead to death. As side effects, they are unacceptably risky.  

    Senator Adams is also wrong about there being more and more studies showing positive outcomes when COVID-19 patients are treated with hydroxychloroquine. The FDA’s statement came immediately upon the release of the results of a Brazilian study of the use of these drugs in the care of COVID-19 patients, published in JAMA, which documented excess deaths in patients treated with these drugs. Another study run by the VA showed similar results. There was one study, in France, published March 17, 2020, which seemed to indicate that hydroxychloroquine use was associated with more rapid clearance of the coronavirus patients. As anyone in the sciences knows, a single study is reason for interest and further studies to confirm findings—nothing more. Yet this lone study was repeatedly hyped by President Trump in his daily news events. He even indicated that mass purchases of the drug had been undertaken by the federal government. Perhaps this example is what led Mr. Adams to suppose that he was doing Utahns a favor by getting in early on such a supposedly good thing. 

    The whistle was blown on this ridiculous legislative appropriation by State Representative Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper), who is a physician. She expressed “concerns about the state spending taxpayer dollars on unproven treatments with significant risks.” Rep. Harrison was being polite. But she took the gloves off when she discovered that another member of the Trump Followers’ Club was Governor Gary Herbert, who had weeks ago ordered 20,000 doses of the drug, costing the state $800,000. In response, Rep. Harrison said, “Apparently there are more orders [in] the works for this unproven drug that is already available through normal channels. I’m outraged. You should be too.” 

    I agree—outrage is the correct response to this misuse of taxpayer money. Utah’s Republican legislative majority is constantly touting its fiscal conservatism, and yet, here they are willing to spend substantial public funds for an unprovenand now apparently dangerousdrug, which the state will then, presumably, dispense. Where is the authority for the state of Utah to own and operate a pharmaceutical distribution business? What is conservative about the State government replacing a business?  

    Moreover, our medical experts have repeatedly informed us that the key to reopening our economy isn’t treatments; it’s tests. And Utah has been short on COVID-19 testing supplies, including nasal swabs, reagents, and the personal protective equipment health care workers need to collect those test specimens. Why weren’t available funds appropriated for these proven uses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic instead of the unproven, and now probably dangerous, use of hydroxychloroquine?   

    The only reason I can think of is that our State’s leaders are so beholden to the man in the White House that they’ll take his word over a doctor’s. In so doing, they have wasted taxpayers’ money and further risked the lives of Utah citizens. Now that Mr. Trump has told Americans that they should be using Lysol to kill coronavirus, will Governor Herbert and Senator Adams appropriate funds to buy up available Lysol supplies? I hope not, but at this point, I can’t be sure.   

    Utah needs new leadership. Jan Garbett and I are running to be leaders who will listen to science, truth, and facts rather than lies repeated ad nauseum at press conferences. Please join us in our crusade!

  • Latest News from Utah Governor Candidate Jan Garbett

    Jan Garbett, Candidate for Utah Governor, Files Constitutional Lawsuit


    April 14, 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Jan Garbett has filed a lawsuit demanding that Jan’s name be placed on the ballot in this year’s Republican primary election. The suit details how denying Jan access to the ballot violates her Constitutional rights.

    "Utah's signature-gathering requirement is designed to make candidates have face-to-face conversations with voters," explained Garbett. "When a pandemic makes that interaction impossible, then the law simply becomes a way to keep people off the ballot." 

    “The foremost responsibility of any state government is to defend and preserve democracy through free and fair elections,” Garbett continued. “Our Consitution defends the right of citizens to participate in their government by running for office. It does not allow reluctant officials to shrug their shoulders while a pandemic makes normal elections impossible. Doing otherwise would let the fox guard the henhouse, since elections put their jobs on the line.”

    Other states have figured out how to keep people safe and preserve democracy. For example, New York drastically reduced the number of signatures required to get on the primary ballot. Utah’s failure to take similar action places an unreasonable burden on Jan’s right to pursue elected office.

    Courts have set a strong precedent of letting candidates onto the ballot when unforseeable circumstances occur. The coronavirus pandemic is one of those circumstances—no one anticipated the coronavirus or its impact on Utah elections.

    “If the government orders us to cease campaigning—which I agree was necessary to protect public health—then the government bears the responsibility to reduce the amount of campaigning necessary in a proportional way,” said Dr. Joe Jarvis, Jan’s running mate for Lt. Governor. Dr. Jarvis has repeatedly noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has also altered the circumstances for candidates pursuing the caucus/convention path to nomination. "For conventions, the State has allowed political parties to make drastic changes to the process, yet it has resisted making changes of a similar scope to the signature-gathering path." This unequal treatment is a violation of the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection clause.

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Daniel Friend, Press Secretary