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Meet Jan Garbett, Utah Governor Candidate 2020

A Republican who cares more about Utah's people, clean air, & strong education than partisan special interests.

Jan Garbett is a native Utahn and daughter of immigrants, who has proven her worth in business, philanthropy, and community service, as well as in the raising of a healthy and productive family. In 1988, while busy raising their 8 children, Jan and her husband Bryson founded an award-winning, multi-million-dollar sustainable construction company that today provides meaningful employment for hundreds of local professionals. In addition to running the business she co-founded, Jan is a dedicated philanthropist, community activist, arts advocate, human rights champion, and woman of faith. She has been honored and recognized by the United Nations for the non-profits she has created and continues to develop.

Responsible Business Woman. Jan is the co-founder of Garbett Homes, a company which designs and constructs zero-energy homes and has risen to become one of the top one percent of builders in the nation to be awarded the prestigious Housing Innovation Award by the U.S Department of Energy – an award it has received five times, including last year.

Dedicated Philanthropist. Jan is a passionate philanthropist who has spent her time and money in service to people in Utah and across the world, and to numerous arts, educational and cultural institutions. She is the co-founder of the Benjamin Foundation, which provides grants and capacity-building for start-up nonprofits. She is also a co-founder of Fundación Escalera, which over its 20 years has raised $11 million and built more than two hundred schools to ensure educational and economic opportunities for young people in Chiapas Mexico, while providing a creative solution to illegal immigration. She is also the founder of EPIK Deliberate Digital, a nonprofit  that unites the community and beneficiaries around the process of preparing youth to be aware and safeguarded from media threats.

Caring Utahn. Jan is the daughter of an immigrant father and Utah pioneer mother. She graduated from the University of Utah in 1978 and continues to actively support the state’s universities with scholarships, arts grants, and the promotion of civic engagement. She spent her parenting years serving the state’s PTA and taught her children to love and safekeep the state’s environment, participating in many sports.

Jan Garbett Utah

Based in Salt Lake City, Jan is excited to be the next Governor of the great State of Utah.

Jan became a candidate in this campaign to put people over party. And while not anti-Trump, she does not subscribe to divisive Trump-style politics. Jan is running in this important election for the Republican nomination to give people a choice, which is great news for people wanting good policy over partisanship. For more up to date information please check Jan's Facebook and Twitter pages.